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High spirits and strong resolve

Freedom Socialist Party members and friends convene to analyze U.S. and world events and plan forward action.
Why do so few vote?

Why do so few vote?

The answers won’t surprise — severe voter suppression, barriers to third-party opposition, and voters disgusted with no real choices.

Renewed feminist and labor resistance forces the hand of the Iranian police state

True stories of brave women radicals standing up to Iranian government and winning freedom with international help.
Desperately seeking socialism; also found feminism

Desperately seeking socialism; also found feminism

Emma Allen explains how it all came together for her, leaving no one out.

Imperialist rivalry fans flames of war and genocide in Syria

The Kurds and other rebels need international solidarity around overthrowing capitalism — breeding ground of permanent war.

New insights into Marx’s environmentalism

New book examines unpublished notebooks of Marx that reveal he was the first ecosocialist.

A different kind of water warriors

Amy Gray-Schlink, now the only woman plumber at the San Francisco Water Department, tells how and why she and cohorts fought for and won safety

Fall of the Berlin Wall, 30 years on

It wasn’t really about the “death of communism.” It was about the failure of Stalinism, to which capitalism has hardly been an answer to celebrate.

Hillary Clinton conjures up a new “red” threat

On the centennial of the Palmer Raids, Clinton is reviving commie baiting by calling Green Party leader a “Russian asset.” Warning to all lefties —

Take that, Amazon! Sawant wins again

Seattle voters said “Hell no!” to red-baiting billionaires, and defeated five of the seven Amazon-backed candidates for City Council! Up-front socialist Kshama Savant was especially

The corporate bankruptcy scam

How the rich get richer by going broke, and stealing from workers and the public.
A large multiracial group of men and women with UAW picket signs.

The return of the strike: Labor’s ranks are getting their mojo back

U.S. labor flexes its collective power with major strikes by Chicago teachers and GM auto workers.
Benjamin Gantz in military fatiugues, carrying a rifle, next to a photo of Benjamin Netanyahu sitting at a desk smiling while talking on a telephone.

Israeli elections: turmoil at the top, no democracy in sight

As hard-right, pro-war politics prevail, world opinion is no longer uncritical of anti-Palestinian Israel.
Lebanese protestors

Statement by MENA Socialist Feminists and Allies on the Popular Uprisings in the Region

Alliance of Middle Eastern and North African Socialists: "The current wave of popular protests in Iraq and Lebanon are a breath of fresh air and

Water crisis in Newark, New Jersey

Interview: leader in fight to halt lead poisoning censures city inaction and urges community to speak out.
How the impeachment of Trump exposes the rot at the core of the two-party system

How the impeachment of Trump exposes the rot at the core of the two-party system

Switching in Pence for Trump: worthless. Exposing fundamental rot in the system: priceless.
Young climate combatants call for racial, global justice

Young climate combatants call for racial, global justice

Youthful organizers inject urgency and multi-issue politics into this critical movement.

Protected: Young climate champions fight too for global justice

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