October-November 2019

A uniformed woman with "POLICE/HSI printed on her back faces the background where a long line of people are waiting.

Anti-union ICE raids

The war on immigrants is a war on all workers.
Foreground: a woman with red handprints painted on her face, fist raised. Background: green, yellow, orange and red striped flag; people holding signs, including one that reads "POR LOS 4,645 MUERTOS."

Puerto Rico: Feminists and union teachers key to uprising

This historic moment could go beyond kicking out corrupt politicians.
Hey Bernie! Workers need power, not a seat at the table

Hey Bernie! Workers need power, not a seat at the table

Proposals that are gimmicks aren’t the answer.
Illustration/collage of a football helmet with a red brain inside.

NFL’s massive cover-up of concussions

Outrage climbs at football league’s racism and greed
Trump’s picks for Secretary of Labor

Trump’s picks for Secretary of Labor

These right wing honchos subvert the purposes of the Department of Labor.
Sepiatone photo showing Roque Dalton sitting in front of an old-style microphone.

The life and tragic death of a Salvadoran revolutionary poet

“Communism will be, among other things, an aspirin the size of the sun.” — Roque Dalton
A march with signs, Ramsey Orta in front.

Whistleblower Ramsey Orta still in prison

Chokehold killer cop walks free. Join the fight against police abuse.
A woman at a rally holds a sign saying "No right to discriminate."

Far-right Christians in Australia claim god-given right to discriminate

LGBTIQ activists lead the counter-attack on fake religious freedom.
Review: The Last Black Man In San Francisco

Review: The Last Black Man In San Francisco

A gripping film about the racist, anti-working class character of gentrification.
Two women hold signs. One says "We are here to stay," and the other "Hands off our housing!" They are outside, with trees, blue sky, and a tall building in the background.

Senior and female: a renter’s saga

An honest tale of rent hikes and expert advice on urgent reforms.
Mumia Abu-Jamal

Free Mumia now!

Repressed evidence shows Mumia deserves freedom now and restitution for time served.
Rosie Jiménez

Honor Rosie Jiménez — repeal the Hyde Amendment

She died because Congress withdrew abortion funding.
A coal miner sitting in front of yellow mining helmets

Harlan County miners say “no pay, we stay”

Unpaid for coal they produced, they're blockading company trains.

Letters to the editor — October 2019

Readers’ opinion on Freedom Socialist articles.
Four vertical banners. The large words are STAND WITH PUYALLUP TRIBE. Smaller words include "Honor the treaty," "Protect water and land," and "No LNG in the 253 or anywhere."

Native Indians, planet protectors

The Puyallup Tribe fight to keep LNG plant from being built on their land.