Why I Joined

Sue Mi Ko – Why I joined the Freedom Socialist Party

June 2017

I first came across the Freedom Socialist Party at an anti-war rally in New York City in the spring of 2011 where I got into a discussion with a party member selling the Freedom Socialist newspaper. We talked about fracking, an issue I was actively protesting at the time, and he suggested that we organize… Read more »

Chris Faatz – Why I joined the Freedom Socialist Party

October 2017

In my roughly 35 years on the far left, I’ve been around, in, and interested in a myriad of Trotskyist organizations. It’s been about twenty years since I was able to participate in one, due to various life demands and other exigencies, but my interest has never flagged. Lately, with the Trump election, the events… Read more »

Alex Romero – Why I joined the Freedom Socialist Party

August 2012

Four years ago I voted for the Lesser Evil and hoped the Change the candidate promised would better the lives of thousands of homeless people, grant citizenship to undocumented workers, end gender inequities, and extend federal legal protection to same-sex couples. Instead, what these years gave us was a punch on the nose. The president… Read more »